Museum celebrates one year anniversary!

01 January - 7 Rustaveli Avenue
International exhibition
Published: 28 September

Museum celebrates one year anniversary!

October 2 marks the first anniversary of the Georgian Museum of Fine Arts

Museum celebrates one year anniversary!

We celebrate our birthday with a new exhibition and a classical music concert. The event will tell—and, at the same time, continue—the story of 7 Rustaveli Avenue.

During the birthday celebration, Old Tbilisi and the Orient Hotel—one that stood in place of the museum a century ago—will come alive in Yermakov’s photo collection displayed in our foyer. The temporary exhibition hall will host a group show of younger artists. Next, Davit Aladashvili and Natalia Kutateladze, with their musical repertoire, will recreate the atmosphere of Old Tbilisi salon gatherings. Viewers will be able to attend the chamber music concert after enjoying the exhibition. The concert offering a Georgian repertoire will be performed by Davit Aladashvili, Natalia Kutateladze, Kancheli String Quartet, and Irakli Evstapishvili.



Counterpoint, a group exposition of young artists, by Konstantine Bolkvadze, is a bridge of sorts and an attempt at dialogue between contemporary art and artists of older generations. The exposition seeks to use this form of communication to rethink the artistic space as found in the Soviet and post-Soviet eras, and a period since the 2000s. Social realism, the art of the Artist’ s House generation, and the trends emerging in independent Georgia—this transformation is visibly embodied by the younger generation of the exhibition’s participants:

1. Nina Akhobadze

2. Ninuka Sakandelidze

3. Nino Zirakishvili

4. Maya Baratashvili

5. Merab Gugunashvili.


Notably, these young artists have trained at the Tbilisi State Academy of Fine Arts, with some of them actively engaged in the Western European artistic scene. They have all contributed to and have a say in the development of contemporary Georgian art.

The stylistic diversity encompassing oil painting, drawing objects, installation, textile, ceramics, and sculpture builds on the language of postmodern art. And this form of dialogue emphasizes the difference between aesthetic and conceptual arts.


Counterpoint incorporates several harmonically interdependent and yet independent melodies.

Alongside the permanent collection of the Georgian Museum of Fine Arts, appreciating contemporary Georgian art in our space becomes even more exciting.


The exhibition will continue through October 10.

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