Another Parjiani

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Published: 21 May

Another Parjiani

Irakli Parjiani 70

Celebrated Georgian artist Irakli Parjiani would turn 70 on May 22, 2020. To celebrate this big decennial anniversary, the team of the Georgian Museum of Fine Arts was planning to put together the artist’s extensive exhibition to be curated by Sofia Parjiani. But because of the pandemic, Irakli Parjiani’s new exposition in the museum’s temporary exhibition area has been put off for a few months.


Irakli Parjiani’s collection holds a special place in the permanent exposition of the Georgian Museum of Fine Arts, with an entire hall dedicated to him and showcasing 44 of his oil paintings and graphics from various periods. The museum’s repository also preserves Irakli Parjiani’s another 27 works. The museum’s unique collection is the Georgian artist’s richest exposition among the world’s exhibition spaces.




Although Irakli Parjiani’s temporary exhibition has been postponed, several virtual exhibitions will be offered throughout the year to celebrate the artist’s birth anniversary. On May 22, the artist’s website,—developed by his daughter, Sofia Parjiani—will be inaugurated. Once launched, the site will feature exciting information about the artist along with his online exhibitions. Besides, important studies and articles have been written to honor the artist’s body of work, including a text by art historian and curator Konstantine Bolkvadze, alongside a cyber-exhibition, Another Irakli, also curated by Bolkvadze.


Irakli Parjiani Foundation


This year also marks the establishment of Irakli Parjiani Foundation named after the prominent Georgian artist of the 20th century, and seeking to manage his personal proprietary and nonproprietary copyrights.


The foundation will actively fight against forging and selling Irakli Parjiani’s works, a detrimental practice that has picked up in recent years.


The foundation’s mission is to promote Irakli Parjiani’s oeuvre both in Georgia and abroad. The foundation, led by its director, lawyer Mikheil Jikia, also seeks to support young artists.

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